Ruhma bonds with Lily, who is pregnant. She treats her to a shopping spree and Lily admits that the father of her baby doesn’t know she’s pregnant as he would be furious if he finds out. Lily finally bumps into Austin, the father of her baby, but how will he react to the news? Later, Ruhma grows concerned about the size of Lily’s baby – is there something wrong?

Meanwhile, it’s the early hours of the morning and Jimmi and DI Stanton are at the scene of a stabbing, however the victim is nowhere to be found. Yet Jimmi notices the knife that has been used in this attack is strikingly similar to the knife used in the fatal attack against Reece. Is he onto something? Jimmi and DI Stanton agree that the victim could be still alive if he got to the hospital in time. Can they find the victim?