Shak is raring to go for his first driving lesson, but his hopes are immediately dashed when Heston has to work, and he’s left with Ruhma and her dowdy car. Ruhma’s stressed from the off, panicking even though they’re in an empty car park. When Shak accelerates too hard towards a parked car, Ruhma calls a halt and demands her keys – lesson over! Will Shak’s driving lessons with Ruhma have a happy ending?

Lena has spent the night at Emma’s house after being thrown out by her husband. Later, Lena’s daughter Amy is furious and lays into her, will her children be able to forgive her? When Ayesha turns to Emma, she is too preoccupied with her own issues and a frustrated Ayesha explodes. Will Ayesha say something she regrets?