Ruhma faces a tricky love triangle

Ruhma visits a heavily pregnant woman who lives with both her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend. Though they all claim to be happy with their unconventional arrangement, hidden tensions soon begin to surface and Ruhma discovers that the woman’s ex is actually the father of the baby.

Daniel and Anthony visit King’s Green surgery as part of their plans to merge with other practices. Anthony introduces Daniel to one of the senior partners, who suggests they meet up for some golf so he can give them the lowdown. Mrs Tembe then arrives to give them the guided tour and demonstrates her business acumen – but while Daniel is impressed, Anthony is left quietly fuming at the thought of Mrs Tembe being brought back into the fold.

Rob and Karen are looking forward to a nice afternoon babysitting his god-daughter Scarlett. However, they soon find they’ve got more than they bargained for. Afterwards, Karen waves Scarlett off, but becomes affected by a newspaper headline about new victims of the Treehouse child abuse ring.