Ruhma finally tells her children the truth

Ruhma reveals the truth about Alia and Shak's father - but will they believe her?

Ruhma tells Alia and Shak how their father was a violent alcoholic. Even when she told people he was hitting her, the family didn’t listen. She eventually realised enough was enough, and left.

Heston tries to talk to Shak about physical abuse, but Shak assumes he’s not talking from experience, and Heston keeps quiet. Ruhma is fed up; everyone seems to know better than her, so she leaves.

As Shak rages, Alia reckons he needs to stop shouting at her, it’s not going to get them anywhere. Heston suggests to Ruhma she needs to tell the whole truth – and suddenly Ruhma brings out an X-Ray…

Also, Mrs Tembe asks Daniel if they should do anything to mark a year since the death of Howard – but when Daniel asks Emma about it she blows up at him.