Ruhma is given a reality check

Ruhma visits a Home Office Detention Centre and is shocked by what she finds...

Ruhma shadows fellow midwife Jenny at a Home Office Detention Centre, where she meets Joyce, a woman from South Sudan who’s being detained for the second time. The experience at the Detention Centre shocks Ruhma to the core, when she realises that the guards abuse some of the women and she gets into an argument with Jenny over the safe delivery of an unborn baby. Finally, Ruhma is left in tears when Joyce is given bad news.

Also, Mrs Tembe Skypes Jimmi to see how Ben is progressing in his role at The Mill. Jimmi, however, is struggling to separate Ben’s personal life from his professional life. Will Jimmi give Mrs Tembe fair feedback and will Jimmi give Ben the support he needs?