Heston does his best to keep Ruhma calm as they wait in the police interview room. Rob enters and tells them both that he now knows Besa is an illegal immigrant, who was living in a house full of illegal immigrants. Both Heston and Ruhma try to act surprised and lie through their teeth when Rob quizzes them. Rob, however, smells a rat and tells them both to go home, get some rest and think things over.

When they leave the police station, Ruhma’s determined to help Besa, against Heston’s wishes. Heston tells Ruhma that he’ll contact his lawyer friend, Martin for advice. Heston rings Martin and is shocked at his response. Will Heston now give Ruhma the support she needs to help Besa?

Later, Rob drops in on Karen as she works the late shift at The Mill. He starts to notice Karen’s behaving strangely, especially when he mentions he was questioning Ruhma and Heston at the police station. Will Karen confess all to her husband?

Finally, Emma puts on a brave face as Sid prepares to move out. Sid places his keys on the table and says goodbye, leaving Emma upset. However, a surprise from Sid in the evening puts a smile on her face…