Ruhma Harif meets with Zaroon

Ruhma Harif decides she owes it to her children to meet with their father, Zaroon

Ruhma arranges to meet Zaroon at the Icon, and he asks why she abandoned the family. A stunned Ruhma tells Zaroon about his abusive brother, leaving him shocked. With Heston watching on Ruhma asks Zaroon to leave the kids alone – but will Zaroon agree?

Valerie has her first day at the medical recruitment agency but, when she questions a Ukrainian doctor’s appalling language skills, Patrick brushes off her concerns and tells her he starts work at St Phil’s tomorrow.

Later, Valerie tells nurse Julie that she has got her an interview as a care assistant at a nursing home, where she could work while she retrains. Julie is thrilled but Valerie’s colleague, Megan, is fuming. The nursing home isn’t one of the agency’s clients. Has Valerie committed a sackable offence?