Al reveals to Heston that he split up with Mo, and is enjoying having everything to himself. Later, Ruhma gives Heston a bow tie, but when he seems unsure she criticises herself for getting him one similar to one he already owns. Heston is kind, it was very thoughtful of her. Later, she tells him that she missed him over Christmas and he tells her the same.

Daniel is surprised when Anthony tells him that Mrs Tembe has left The Mill in a bit of a state. When they return to The Mill, they see Mrs Tembe trying to maintain control of a busy reception, while Heston reluctantly tries to ask her to do something he thinks is below her.

Emma draws out of Vernon that his father had a heart attack on the steps of the cellar but he didn’t help him out, and ran away. Emma tells him he needs to tell the police and the guilt and secrecy will eat away at him until it destroys him.