Ruhma helps a trouble patient

Ruhma arrives at The Mill for an appointment with Mrs Tembe but Valerie insists that she must have made a mistake as there’s no record of their meeting. As the pair argue, a pregnant patient, Pet, feels sick. Ruhma comes to her aid and Sid is happy to defer to the midwife. Pet tells Ruhma she’s an addict and Ruhma explains that she can’t be her midwife but she can refer her to a specialised midwife who deals with previous drug users. Later, Ruhma receives a call – it’s Valerie phoning to apologise and rearrange her meeting with Mrs Tembe.

It’s the day of Howard’s funeral and as everyone gathers outside the church they realise Jimmi’s missing. Emma spots him and he admits that he can’t stand the misery any more than she can.

Mrs Tembe comes out to encourage Emma to step inside but she’s in the throes of attacking Jimmi. He’s happy to be her punch bag if it makes her feel better but then tells her that he lied about his mother’s funeral, he never went. Jimmi tells Mrs Tembe that Emma’s ready to step back inside – and so is he.