Ruhma and Heston’s perfect world is shattered

Ruhma and Heston are shocked when Alia drops a bombshell...

Alia eventually tells Ruhma that she and Shak have seen Zaroon and know their dad is in England. Ruhma can’t believe it, and tells her not to contact Zaroon again until they have all discussed it. Ruhma is panicking and, when she gets home, she starts packing for an immediate getaway, telling Heston that it isn’t safe if Aamir is around. What does she mean?

On arrival at the consultants, Karen repeats that she now leads an entirely normal life, and nothing is going to change. The consultant points out that the brain is a complicated thing, and nothing’s certain. Karen gets more and more frustrated at her lack of certainty in any direction. Can Rob make her feel any better?