Ruhma is desperate to help Shaz

Dave’s furious when he finds out what Tommy is making a documentary about but Shaz tells him how her strict family discovered something about her that put her in danger – she had to get out of there. Suddenly, Shaz doubles up in pain and Tommy takes her to hospital where Ruhma is shocked to discover how she got pregnant. Shaz deeply regrets talking to Tommy and fears her family will track her down. Ruhma gets a shock when she returns to Shaz’s room – she has appendicitis and needs an urgent operation but has disappeared.  

Elsewhere, a proactive Jimmi has an idea for tomorrow – a clinic for the homeless to deal with the common problems associated with living rough.

Al’s still on route to Lichfield but takes an exciting detour via the glamorous world of Bollywood. When Al arrives at his planned destination, he is dismayed to find his clever plan has backfired. He makes his way into a bedroom warehouse and hides in a wardrobe. He then steps out and gets into a bed.