Ruhma is on the warpath!

And Heston only has himself to blame...

Ruhma is furious with Heston and his involvement with the Viper situation. Ruhma tells him that it’s not his battle and he needs to leave everything to the police. However, Ruhma’s words fall on deaf ears and Heston calls Rob and says he has a concrete lead on a Viper dealer. Rob tells him to leave the police work to the police, but Heston won’t give up. Will Heston find himself in more hot water?

Also, Ben’s mother is beside herself after finding out that he’s gay. When Ben’s father comes home, he demands to know what’s going on and Ben admits that he’s gay. Ben’s dad says he suspected he was gay for years and Ben’s mother breaks down even more. Will his mum accept him for who he is? And has Will blown his chance with Ben?