Heston’s convinced Ruhma wants to finish with him but he’s surprised to learn she has booked them into a country hotel for the night. When they arrive they head straight to their room to gently take their relationship to the next level.

A young man is bought in and explains to Rob that he was in an arranged marriage with Yasmeen, who was already in a relationship with someone called Jonty. He went to Jonty’s flat and saw Yasmeen dead on the sofa – she’d been stabbed. Rob reports they found Jonty in an alleyway and he’s a lowlife drug dealer with a record.

Jimmi and Daniel are shocked when Anthony asks to become a Partner at The Mill. Later, Anthony hears Al telling Niamh that Valerie is pursuing a claim for medical malpractice against him. He explains to Valerie the effect this could have on the practice and Valerie agrees to drop the case. Jimmi and Daniel are impressed but still don’t feel he should become a partner – but would be happy to give him full voting rights.