Heston’s annoyed when he has to postpone lunch with Ruhma to reschedule a delivery at his house. He speaks to someone from the delivery company but soon loses his rag, unaware Ruhma has been watching and is alarmed by his temper.

Leah enters reception and Ayesha suspects that she’s been attacked but Leah tells her she tripped at home. Meanwhile, Jackson’s furious that Dion left incriminating stuff in the flat and slams him against the wall. Ayesha arrives at Leah’s flat and encourages her to speak to someone about domestic violence. Jackson appears and just as it looks as though he is going to hit Ayesha, Karen arrives and Jackson’s apprehended by the police.

Valerie tells Anthony she’s thinking of raising money for Hodgkin Lymphoma and is thrilled when he suggests organising cycling time trials. Anthony talks to Daniel but when he spots Mrs Tembe he brusquely asks for some figures. Later, Valerie invites Mrs Tembe, Emma and Karen to discuss fundraising ideas.