Rumble at the beach!

Heath finds his burnt-out Mustang and implores Brax to rally the Boys and hit back at Jake’s gang hard. Brax finally agrees to take it to the beach the next afternoon. Casey, worried for his safety, takes a flick knife to school… only to have it discovered by Miles who feels compelled to inform Charlie. She speaks to Casey and gets wind of the impending rumble.

Hammer arrives at the beach with Jake’s gang and it’s all about to kick off when Charlie arrives with the police to break it up. Later, Brax and Heath discover Stu outside their place… with his River Boy tattoo crudely removed.

April comes home from school to hear Irene sobbing in the bathroom. Worried, she snoops through Irene’s purse and discovers her breast cancer specialist’s business card. When April confronts Irene about the card, Irene confesses she has breast cancer – but pleads with April to keep it secret.

Brax asks Liam to come and work at Angelo’s. When Bianca hears about it, she asks Liam to reconsider, certain he’s making a mistake as a recovering addict. But Liam tells Bianca to stay out of his life and decides to take the job.