Run away with me, Neeta!

Hunter wants them to move to Ibiza... what will Neeta say?

Hunter surprises Neeta in The Folly, but Neeta has to take the Morning-After Pill when they discover Hunter’s condom split. Hunter wants to run away to Ibiza with Neeta – will she agree to go with him?

Meanwhile, Maxine’s furious when she discovers the £30,000 that Adam paid off Marcus with, but Adam makes it up to her by securing the house. Later, Tracey’s released from prison, but is stunned to see Darcy in such close quarters with her sons. Can she keep Darcy away from her boys?

Cindy’s in the grip of a manic episode after lying about getting her meds – will she seek help?

Also, as the Nightingales celebrate Nathan’s birthday, someone’s feeling left out.