Russ and Nancy enjoy a cosy night in

Jacqui leaves Max with Russ while she plans a night clubbing. Nancy offers to bring Charlie over and keep him company. Russ feels he’s getting old when Jacqui and Mercedes tease him about not going out. Russ enjoys his evening with Nancy and they bond and end the night with a near kiss…

Hannah feels bad for not believing Justin and she tries to apologise to him. Justin is grateful but he is furious with Ash when Hannah admits that Ash told her family her anorexia had returned. Justin confronts Ash and Ravi steps in – until he discovers that Ash framed Justin and he punches his brother. Hannah later declares her feelings to Justin but he’s had enough of the stress and tells her he’s not interested.

Sarah convinces Mike to give Ste a chance and he reluctantly agrees to lunch with Ste and the family at Il Gnosh. Ste tells Mike about the planned naming ceremony but things turn sour when he reveals that he wants Lucas to be a Hay, not a Barnes. Mike storms off but when Sarah makes him see sense he visits Ste and apologises for his outburst and agrees to be at the naming ceremony.

Also, Mercedes decides to try her hand at fortune telling.

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