Russ and Tina confess all

Russ finally starts getting to grips with being a dad and suggests to Tina that they need to reveal the truth to Tony, Jacqui and Dom. Seeing Russ and Tina together at Il Gnosh, Jacqui fears what’s about to happen and tries to prevent it, but Tina ends up telling a stunned Tony and Dom that Russ is baby Max’s dad. Tony is devastated and wants to know if Jacqui knew, while heartbroken Dom lashes out at Russ.

Riddled with guilt, Malachy dreads the thought of telling Mercedes he could have infected her with HIV. But he bottles it again when Mercedes turns up, distraught at hearing the news about Tina and Russ. Back in Mercedes’ bedroom, Malachy tries to resist Mercedes’ attempts to woo him into bed. But when the persuasive Mercedes tells Malachy she loves him, they fall in to bed together.

Josh is stunned when Amy reveals she is going to have an abortion and hasn’t told her dad about her pregnancy. Josh agrees go to the abortion clinic with her later in the week. Later, Amy lets slip to Mike that Ste was never Leah’s dad, leaving Josh fed up at hearing yet another lie from Amy.

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