Russ punches Pete when he walks in to find him inappropriately touching Tina. Later, Tina tries to tell Dom how Pete was coming on to her but is frustrated that he seems more concerned that Russ is suspended and she has lost her job. Outraged, she walks out on Dom and turns to Russ for comfort.

Although he’s shocked to see Beth and Gilly kissing in Drive ‘N’ Buy, Rhys manages to turn his attention to Sarah, and they’re both surprised to find themselves enjoying each other’s company. Meanwhile, Beth admits she really likes Gilly but wants to take things slowly.

Hannah, Danny, Justin and Katy bond as they hide out in The Dog during the blackout. As Justin, Danny and Katy cram handfuls of crisps into their mouths, Hannah’s past demons come back to haunt her and she suddenly flees to the toilet. Katy provides a shoulder to cry on while Justin fills a confused Danny in about Hannah’s eating disorder.

Still smarting from the humiliation on Kris’s radio show, John-Paul is pleased to find a fellow Kris-hater in the form of Elliot, and is inspired by Elliot’s cunning revenge plan.