Russ saves Nancy from thug Gaz

Nancy is under pressure with an assessor due in class and when the students get unruly she ends up humiliating Theresa after catching her passing notes. Theresa complains to her family that Russ and Nancy are deliberately targeting her to get back at Jacqui. Later, a drunk Gaz traps Nancy in an empty classroom but Russ plays the hero and throws him out.

Leo is horrified when he and Calvin find out that Sasha is going on a date with Warren but Calvin warns Leo to hang back as Sasha may prove useful in their bid to nail Warren. An unwitting Sasha tells Calvin she thinks that one of the coppers is trying to set up Warren then reveals that she stole and hid the heroin from The Loft.

Josh is determined to get a gig in the SU bar and he and Hayley try to serenade Justin into submission. Justin is still smarting from Hannah’s hurtful treatment but his determination to snub her weakens when she sweetly pleads to give Josh a chance. Josh is delighted – especially when he discovers that they’ll be supporting boy band McFly!

Also, Darren gets the sack from The Dog after being falsely accused of stealing.

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