Russ spoils Nancy

Russ realises that he’s got a good thing going with Nancy when Dominic talks about his own relationship with Loretta. Nancy is touched when Russ organises a romantic meal for her birthday at Il Gnosh and he assures her he loves her and isn’t going to leave.

Warren is struggling to keep control when the club is vandalised again and he asks Justin to burn down the Loft for him to rid himself of the problem once and for all. Justin isn’t interested but when he ends up splitting up with an emotional Hannah he agrees for enough money to leave the village. Meanwhile, Hannah finds out that Ash planted the food in her room and unable to deal with the day’s upheavals her eating disorder returns.

Sarah is a bundle of nerves ahead of her date with Lydia and goes all out to prepare a lovely meal. A more casual Lydia feels guilty when she sees the effort that Sarah has gone too and the date turns into a disaster when she has an allergic reaction to Sarah’s meal. Lydia takes her Epipen shot and recovers and the date is saved when Lydia moves in for a kiss.

Also, Darren plays a prank on Cindy but she gets her own back.

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