Russell and Sheila consider their future

Sheila’s excited about her new romance with Russell, but Kyle’s seen his Gran hurt before, and asks Brennan to talk to his dad. Brennan does, but the conversation is a reality check for Russ, who suddenly pulls away from Sheila, leaving her feeling rejected. But, Russ later returns to Sheila, declaring he can’t make promises for the future, but he’d like to see where their romance leads.

Lauren wants to put Brad’s wooden carving on display and it’s clear Brad feels more relaxed around Lauren then Terese recently. Terese finally apologises to her husband and he forgives her, but something remains broken in their marriage. Meanwhile, Josh prepares to confess to Amber that he’s her online friend “Phoebe”, but he gets busted before he has the chance.

Kyle and Amy work together to install handrails at the Rebecchi house for when Toadie comes home. Angie notices their closeness and calls Georgia in Germany. She learns Georgia’s mum’s cancer treatment has been a success, so she’ll be returning home soon. Kyle’s stoked to hear it, but Amy’s left feeling bittersweet.