Their relationship has always been volatile and complicated, but this week Ruth and Jay may be on the point of becoming an item again.

After weeks of playing it cool with each other, the pair bond while treating a young lad called Jesse who’s taken a nasty fall. A CT scan reveals he has a clot in his head that’s putting pressure on his brain, and when Jesse suddenly deteriorates, Ruth persuades Jordan to conduct a risky emergency operation as it’s Jesse’s only chance of survival.

It works and afterwards, the exhausted and relieved team go out for a drink. But Jay and Ruth hang back in the staffroom and kiss as they congratulate each other on a job well done…

Meanwhile, in CDU, Lloyd is responsible for observing the injured Seb, a cantankerous old man who’s desperate to get home to his wife. He slips away and Lloyd races after him making a horrifying discovery at Seb’s house. Seb’s life is at risk and Lloyd is desperate to save him, so he lies, and later Seb forgives him.