Ruth and Jay make some headway…

Ruth and Jay continue to bicker with each other but they’re not fooling anyone. Ruth impresses Sarah Evans at her latest interview for the surgical position when she recycles a comment Jay made about surgeons not being emotionally equipped to deal with the human side of medicine.

Jeff’s lawyer, Nita, recommends he launch a full custody attack on his ex-wife, Lucy, if he wants to prevent her from moving to London with their children and her new partner. But he clearly hasn’t thought in-depth about the implications of looking after two kids full-time.

Alice and Curtis are planning a small intimate wedding but Alice loses it when her mum and Tess interfere.

Jeff realises he can’t use his children as pawns in the divorce proceedings and decides not to put them through a painful custody battle.

Ruth and Jay spend the evening at a lecture together. Afterwards their flirting escalates and Ruth lets go of her inhibitions and spends the night with her co-worker…

Gillian Taylforth – best known for her role as Ian Beale’s mum, Kathy, in EastEnders – guest stars in this week’s episode as Gloria, a recovering alcoholic who wants to rebuild her relationship with her two young sons in care.