Ruth attacks the man trying to save her

Matthew Kelly stars in a special stand-alone episode of Casualty that begins immediately after Ruth had a complete mental breakdown and was sectioned. Matthew plays consultant psychiatrist Andrew Brookfield, who attempts to help the troubled doctor

Recently sectioned, troubled medic Ruth is forced to face her inner demons this week. We catch up with Ruth after she was dragged from Holby’s emergency department kicking and screaming.

Consultant psychiatrist Andrew Brookfield (Matthew Kelly) attempts to help her, but Ruth turns on him and demands a tribunal to appeal against her sectioning. She also attacks Charlie, who now works in the psychiatric ward, and accuses him of plotting against her!

Meanwhile a woman called Mary haunts Ruth. As the episode progresses we learn in flashback sequences Mary is patient Ruth was unable to help. Dr Brookfield deduces Ruth has conjured up Mary in order to cope with what’s happening to her.

Ruth bursts into tears and begs Dr Brookfield and Charlie to her help her.