After turning a blind eye to a 14-year-old shoplifting, Ruth plays along when the boy, Gus, who cheekily then tries to chat her up outside a coffee shop. Gus lives in a squalid flat and he’s coy when Ruth asks where his parents are. Ruth stands up for Gus against a local bully, but he runs away, leaving his rucksack with his house key inside!

Luckily Ruth turns up and grows concerned when she sees the state of the flat and comes to the conclusion that Gus is living alone. She calls Karen for help, then confronts Gus saying she knows his mother died two weeks earlier. Gus drops the ‘big man’ act and Ruth comforts him when he gets upset.

Rob arrives with a social worker to tell Gus they’ve found a foster home for him to go to in a swanky suburb. Gus thanks Ruth for everything, but he’s going to have to ‘dump’ her!

Jimmi grows concerned when he suspects that an asthma patient is ‘stalking’ his date. But when he tracks him down, Jimmi realises he’s got the wrong end of the stick!

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