Edward doesn’t realise Ruth is home alone when he brings his lover back to their house! After she witnesses her husband being led upstairs by a mystery man, devastated Ruth rushes out into the rain. But she quickly forgets her problems when she discovers a woman lying unconscious in the road.

At the hospital, Ruth refuses to leave but Charlie – seeing the state she’s in – insists she rests in the on-call room.

Adam is concerned about Kirsty when he notices bruising on her arm. And Henry is demanding a massive budget cut.

Edward and his junior doctor James attend to Ruth’s patient. Ruth realises who her husband’s mystery man is and why she was passed over for the neuro position!

Charlie, realising what’s happening, reaches out a friendly hand to Ruth. But when she discovers he knew Edward was cheating on her she lashes out. She approaches Henry and tells him she knows the perfect person to transfer to the Psych ward…

When Charlie hears he’s being transferred he knows who is responsible.

Also, Jeff is bored of being suspended is overjoyed to discover he can return to work.

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