Still on edge after Smithy’s behaviour the day before, Ruth wants to go home to check on him, but Michelle notices Ruth’s odd behaviour and insists she goes to the lunchtime dance rehearsal. Ruth impresses Charlie with her dance moves, but when she spots Smithy she makes her excuses and rushes outside.

Keen to join in, Smithy shows Ruth some dance steps, and she realises in horror that he has no shoes on and his feet are bleeding. When Smithy explains he didn’t want to make a noise and upstage her, Ruth rushes Smithy home. Later, Michelle asks Julia if she thinks Ruth is acting strangely. Julia says no, but Michelle’s still anxious.

Meanwhile, Simon is worried he hasn’t heard from Will after declaring his love and soon regrets asking Jimmi for relationship advice. Simon calls Will and he assures him all is fine, but Simon is still dejected.

Also, Heston is an unwilling witness to a wheelchair-bound ex rugby player taking all of his frustrations out on his wife, and is shocked at what the man has driven his wife to.

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