Ruth wakes up with Nick Jordan, who says they must remain professional. Ruth is shocked when Jordan insists their night together was a one-off but is hopeful when he says he’ll ‘see her later’. When Toby starts probing Ruth about the relationship, she angrily declares that no woman would be interested in him, and storms round to Jordan’s house.

Later, a dejected Toby heads to the pub, where he offloads his problems on Ben, who’s only too happy to listen. Meanwhile, Jordan finds Ruth waiting for him and tells her that their relationship must end. A devastated Ruth returns home and goes to apologise to Toby and is shocked to find him naked in bed with Ben.

While Kelsey is looking forward to seeing the documentary about Holby A&E, Dixie is scared of what it might show, and takes her anxiety out on Jeff all day. Later, Jeff convinces Dixie to watch the film, and she soon realises that her ‘high five’ with Jeff did not cause the accident on the Farmead Estate.

Elsewhere, Sharice returns to the hospital with Snezana’s money, telling Zoe that mum Abby did steal it. When Zoe takes Sharice home, Abby is watching boyfriend Finn sleep and says she wonders what her life would be like if Finn never woke up. Zoe offers Abby and Sharice a place to stay.

And the team discover there’s more to a stabbing incident than meets the eye.