The Mill is expecting a visit from Mr Galliflakis, the new chief executive of the PCT. Julia is ill at home so she asks Ruth to get one of the partners to meet him instead, but with Heston also ill that only leaves Daniel.

Poorly Heston drags himself in but Zara bans him from seeing Mr Galliflakis. After Ruth brings Daniel up to speed, Julia calls and urges Ruth to try and get Heston to go to the meeting, since Daniel is useless.

But, as Mr Gallisflakis arrives, Daniel is called away to an emergency, so Ruth takes the meeting. When Julia calls again, Cherry makes excuses for Ruth’s absence and reassures her that the meeting is underway.

At the end of the meeting, Ruth has clearly impressed Mr Galliflakis, who says he’ll tell Julia how good she was. Ruth is delighted!

Also, an eccentric recluse and a badger-baiting youth both need Daniel’s help when an act of revenge gets out of hand.

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