At the Icon, Jack tells Ruth he saw Smithy blagging food from the kitchen and thinks he saw him sleeping rough. Later, Smithy admits to Ruth he felt in the way at his parents and Ruth decides to help. After going to a charity shop, where Smithy swaps his clothes for those on the rails, Ruth tells Smithy he can stay with her for a few days.

When they get home, Ruth cooks a lovely meal and Smithy has a bath. For a moment it looks like they might kiss… but Ruth pulls away and says goodnight.

Simon’s anxious about what to do with Will on their date, but Cherry tells him to relax and just be himself. Cherry makes herself scarce so that Simon has the house to himself and when Will arrives, Simon decides to show him the stars through his telescope. Simon worries it’s a bit geeky, but Will loves it!

Daniel discovers that one of his young female patients is working as an escort to pay off huge university debts and is forced to step in when her client later that evening turns out to be her estranged father.

Also, Lily tells Simon that she feels like Sapphire has turned a corner in her recovery.

*Doctors celebrates its 10th anniversary on Friday, March 26 and every day this week there will be a short programme following each episode of Doctors to mark the event*

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