Ruth helps a mentally ill patient

Ruth has settled back into work and, although withdrawn, she is efficient and even manages to cope with some snide remarks from Zara. Simon has to deal with tricky patient, Alan, and there’s something about Alan that makes Ruth keep an eye on him. It soon becomes clear that Alan is schizophrenic, Ruth recognises it and calms Alan down as Simon looks on, frozen in inexperience.

Ruth is totally overwhelmed by what happened and all her worst moments come flooding back but Julia reassures her that she did a brilliant job in dealing with the situation. Lily is also pleased with how Ruth coped and Ruth is reassured but shaken and what really helps is a quiet word of support from Simon.

Daniel arrives at work in a swanky new car and wastes no time in flirting with Zara. When Zara invites herself round to his place, Daniel admits he’s lodging with Lily but jokes that she cramps his style and says he’s moving out soon to some riverside apartments. But he’s caught out when Lily overhears and says he can leave whenever he likes.

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