Ruth helps Daniel with a patient

Daniel is thrown when teenage patient Jodie Ramsey tries to kiss him and asks her to leave. Jodie’s mum, Holly, treats Jodie more like a friend than a daughter and she doesn’t have anyone to talk to but when Jodie returns to The Mill, a frightened Daniel tells Ruth to get rid of her. When Ruth tries to suggest to Daniel that Jodie’s mental health might be at stake, Daniel rudely tells her to leave the medical stuff to the professionals.

Meanwhile, Ruth is struggling with her own issues, as she tries to get through the day while being haunted by a dream. Cybil Lambert’s son Malcolm turns up, having learned that Daniel gets to keep the £50,000 his mother left him, and tries to get Ruth to dish some dirt on the doc. Ruth refuses but when Daniel spots them, he suspects Ruth of gossiping and stalks into Julia demanding Ruth is fired.

But Daniel has a change of heart and apologises to Ruth when she helps to mend the relationship between Holly and Jodie, and Julia overhears Daniel telling Ruth she did well. After the day’s events, Ruth has a session with Henry, who tells her that she should use her strengths to combat her weaknesses.

Also, Cherry, Jimmi and Zara conspire to play a prank on Simon… with Daniel as the target!

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