Simon is amused by some texts from Will, but as Cherry doesn’t know Will’s back on the scene, Simon has to lie about what’s making him laugh. Will wants to meet up that night, but Simon doesn’t think he can without Cherry knowing – but when Ruth points out that Cherry will be at tap rehearsal, Simon invites Will round to his house.

At rehearsal, Charlie enlists Ruth to help get the others up to speed. But when Charlie’s gout brings practice to a halt, Ruth realises Cherry will be back in time to catch Simon with Will. Ruth gets a lift with Cherry, and helps distract her while Simon sneaks Will out of the house. Ruth is happy to help – but feels bad for duping Cherry.

Karen is reluctantly working to rule; no answering the phone during lunch or stocking up on milk. Heston is put out, but quickly sees Karen’s point, and goes to talk to Julia, who says they can’t afford to give out pay rises, or give in to industrial action.

As the day goes on, Karen’s work to rule is no fun for her, or Heston, who ends the day telling her he’ll sort it out with Julia. But Julia has to stick to her guns – it’s hard, but they can’t afford to give Karen a pay rise.

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