During Ruth’s appointment at The Beeches, Ruth and Dr Gold hear a commotion from his office, where outside nurse Trudy is calming another patient, Ben, who is armed with broken glass. All hell breaks loose when Ben stabs Dr Gold before barricading himself and Ruth in Dr Gold’s office. Ruth is terrified of Ben, who seems to think he knows her and keeps calling her Vicky.

Rob and Craig arrive along with fellow patient Jo, who feels guilty for abandoning Ben. When Rob and Jo fail to get Ben to come out, Ruth acts quickly and makes Ben realise he can ignore Vicky – the voice in his head – and listen to his own voice, and he gives her the glass. As Ben is arrested, Rob praises Ruth’s courage and she’s pleased to have found her inner strength.

Steven turns up at The Mill and reveals to Heston that his mum Christine has breast cancer and needs his help. Heston arranges to meet Christine, who apologises for Steven’s visit, and politely wishes her luck with her treatment. When Christine protests ‘What about Steven?’ Heston lashes out – he’s not going to let her ruin his life twice over.

Also, Karen tries to book a holiday – but Rob’s of little help.

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