When super-efficient Ruth starts losing concentration at work, her partner Jay realises something’s not right. Still keen to keep their relationship a secret, Ruth confesses privately Jay that she’s worried her Bipolar medication is no longer working.

Worried Jay tells her to talk to Jordan, but when Ruth explains her symptoms to her doctor, he comes up with an explanation she hasn’t considered – she may be pregnant!

A test confirms Jordan’s suspicions. But Ruth characteristically shuts down and refuses to discuss the development with her partner.

When a retired couple, David and Caitlin come into the ED, however, Ruth begins to have a change of heart. David is dying and has only weeks to live but his wife Caitlin refuses to let him go.

Fortunately Jay has forgiven Ruth for aborting their first baby and is excited at the prospect of them having a child together. After years of being an on/off couple, he thinks this is just what they need to seal their relationship.

Elsewhere, Dylan and Sam put aside their differences long enough to diagnose a teenage mum with a mystery condition.