In the opening scenes of this episode Ruth finds herself late for two things – a ward check with Sarah Evans and her period. She takes a test and discovers she’s pregnant…

Frances informs Zoe that Jordan is fit for discharge but he needs a carer. Zoe’s certain he’ll refuse her help but Jordan surprises her and asks what time she’s picking him up.

New paramedic Kev (Paul Reynolds) annoys Jeff when he makes inappropriate comments about Polly. Meanwhile, homeless Alistair (Joe McFadden) fakes an illness to spend time with the pretty paramedic and she agrees to meet him for a cup of tea after her shift.

Sarah warns Ruth she’ll need to work extra hard to make it in the male dominated world of surgery. With Sarah’s words ringing in her ears she gets an abortion pill from the pharmacy.

Zoe picks Jordan up and puts him in a cab but before she can get in he locks the doors and drives off! Realising he’s used her to get discharged a dejected Zoe returns to work where she has a run-in with Adam for her tardiness. Dejected and angry she spills the beans about Jordan’s surgery to her shocked co-workers. She then hits the bars and hooks up with a randomer called Joel…

Ruth decides to take the pill but she’s consumed with guilt over her actions.

Kev gets the heave-ho after Jeff spots him rummaging in a patient’s pockets.

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