Relishing the task of holding the fort in Julia’s absence, Ruth imposes a new initiative – recording how long patients spend in each consultation – on Karen, and chases Daniel for a report due in at the end of the day.

Later, Ruth calls a meeting to discuss consultation times – Heston is taking too long and Zara not long enough. Ruth asks Karen to add patient travelling time to and from the consulting rooms. Karen agrees, but fakes the results.

At the end of the day, Cherry, Zara and Daniel go for a drink, but exclude Ruth for her behaviour that day. Ruth hears the discussion and feels hurt.

Zara meets Elaine, who kills her with kindness and thanks Zara for letting her use her office. Daniel is unnerved to hear Zara and Elaine getting on like best friends…

Julia’s son Patrick visits and thanks her for looking after her granddaughter Chloe while he treats his wife to a spa holiday. Patrick’s concerned about Julia’s anxiety and loss of memory, but she brushes it off.

Also, Simon becomes worried when his friend shows interest in joining a cultish organisation.

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