Ruth makes a fatal error

David, the father of an autistic boy, is unwell and is brought into A&E. When David’s son Joe causes an accident in a playground, he’s also brought in, with a young girl, Lily. Ruth’s keen to impress Marilyn Fox but she’s hiding the fact she’s taking caffeine pills. Meanwhile, Adam argues with Jessica over Joe’s treatment.

Ruth expertly performs a complicated procedure on Lily but misdiagnoses David, who dies as a result. Ruth is later shown some medical notes that highlight her mistake, and the team question why she didn’t ask their advice. That night, wracked with guilt over the day’s events, Ruth writes in her diary then takes drastic action…

Also, Jessica tells Adam she’s not looking for a relationship, and Abs tells his colleagues that the work-to-rule is off, as Tess reassures the department how vital they are.