Ruth is starting to feel lonely in her flat and worries as she thinks she saw Smithy, an old friend from The Beeches. When she’s alone Smithy does appear and tells Ruth he’s living at his parents. They meet at The Icon later, where Ruth manages to avoid everyone apart from Jack.

Smithy tells Ruth he’s proud of her, and Ruth is pleased to see that Smithy is moving on and getting better. As they leave The Icon, she tells him she’d like to see him again. But when she later tells Michelle she’s met up with someone from The Beeches, a concerned Michelle warns her to be careful.

Lily warns Sapphire that her methadone withdrawal programme will be difficult. Cooped up together indoors, Lily struggles to entertain Sapphire who wants to go out and the pair argues. Desperate, Lily offers to pay Immie to keep Sapphire company and Sapphire is horrified by the idea!

Also, Cherry is alarmed when she discovers that her godmother has found an unusual way of paying off her debts.

*Doctors celebrates its 10th anniversary on Friday, March 26 and every day this week there will be a short programme following each episode of Doctors to mark the event*

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