It’s the day before the gala and Ruth goes into panic mode. Ruth goes to Jimmi for a sick note, but he reassures her it’s just stage fright. Then Ruth begs Julia to get her out of the dance – but Julia says she’ll be fine. But at the end of the day Ruth is even worse, Zara tries some reverse psychology and tells Ruth she doesn’t have to dance at all if she doesn’t want to. Ruth’s relieved and Zara’s left cringing at her plan having backfired.

Rob has a day off and Karen insists he puts up the shelf he promised her weeks ago, and asks him to consider whether she should take up Julia’s offer of the HCA training. But Rob soon gets sidetracked helping Immie with her art project – then Jack comes home to study, too. Karen despairs when she gets home to find the house in chaos – and no shelf!

Heston asks Cherry to bring in some of her clothes and tries to politely convey that they’re not appropriate for his dinner party. But when his comments go too far, Cherry walks out saying the plan is over.

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