Ruth prepares to say farewell

It’s Ruth’s last day at The Mill – she asks a few people for a drink but most have other plans because she said she didn’t want a fuss; Ruth feels put out, unaware that Julia has organised a surprise party.

The gang gather at The Icon where Daniel can’t leave Zara alone; he implies he feels he may have made a mistake but she doesn’t want to listen. Karen is suspiciously not drinking whilst Cherry worries about Simon’s absence.

Ruth, Julia and Heston arrive outside but Heston has forgotten Ruth’s present and has to dash back to The Mill. Julia confesses to Ruth that the gang are waiting inside for her – Ruth is secretly pleased. Everyone is delighted to see Ruth and the feeling is mutual; she and Julia get teary when Ruth thanks her for everything she has done for her.

Daniel and Zara notice Simon’s absence and go to get him, but when Simon doesn’t answer his front door they smash it down and find him passed out on the kitchen floor with barely a pulse.

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