Ruth returns to A&E

It’s Ruth’s first day back in A & E since her attempted suicide and, when confronted by her old life, she’s tempted to leave. And she’s upset to learn she’s on non-clinical duties and is being monitored by Abs. They work together – something Ruth has been unable to do – to treat an elderly gentleman, haunted by an incident in his past.

It’s also Toby’s first day on his orthopaedic rotation and he’s nervous. As he treats a squatter with a fractured pelvis, a jealous Ruth makes him doubt his abilities. When Toby tells Sean that Ruth’s comments caused him to mess up, he’s angry to learn that Maggie also thinks he’s out of his depth.

Meanwhile, there’s tension between Adam and Jessica when he reveals a family secret to a patient, and Jessica is hurt that Adam hadn’t told her. Later, she starts to open up to Zoe and hints about her feelings for Adam.

Also, a fire alarm causes chaos and Maggie is frantic with her grand-daughter Lana goes missing.