In town early with Smithy, Ruth fears they’ll be late for his doctor’s appointment when he stops at a factory conversion and says how cruel it is to put roosting strips on the roof. Confused by Smithy’s behaviour, Ruth suggests they go home, where Smithy admits there’s no appointment and he hasn’t taken his meds in ages.

Later, when Smithy goes missing, Ruth finds out that he’s removing the roosting strips from the roof, she rushes to his aid, gets up on the roof and tries to talk Smithy down from the edge. As Ruth waits for Michelle for back-up, Smithy convinces Ruth to sit next to him on the ledge.

When Michelle turns up she convinces Ruth to call the Beeches but Ruth feels bad. As Trudy and her team arrive and close in on Smithy, he teeters on the edge but Trudy and her team are able to pull Smithy down. As Smithy is taken back to Beeches he pleads with Ruth, who is devastated: maybe if he jumped, he’d finally be free.

Meanwhile, Simon tells Will he isn’t going to take any more messing around and wants to be with him. Simon’s wary of what Will’s response will be – but Will is utterly besotted.

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