Glamorous Marcelle D’Arby – head of a natural skin care company – comes to the Granger Clinic in a chauffeur driven limo and wants to keep her visit secret. Outside Lance Trevalyn, a celeb expose journalist, calls his boss to say he’s got Marcelle.

When Marcelle realises that Lance is on to her she threatens to sue Daniel for allowing the journalist to find out. Ruth takes money from Lance and tells him that Marcelle will be leaving by the back door.

When he gets there camera poised, a woman in dark glasses, tailored coat and pashmina exits and gets into the limo. Lance calls out Marcelle’s name and the woman reveals herself – it’s Ruth. By the time Lance gets to the front of The Mill, Marcelle is leaving unseen in a taxi.

Also, Charlie is told a few home truths about his behaviour when he propositions a patient with an unusual career.

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