Ruth’s baby nightmare

Ruth pretends it’s business as usual following her decision last week to secretly take an abortion pill. Although feeling ill she plans on attending the surgeons’ dinner with Jay – until her mentor Sarah Evans spots them together and has a word with her.

Elsewhere, Charlie and Adam try in vain to get in touch with Jordan, while Jeff is delighted with his pretty new paramedic partner Jackie.

Sarah tells Ruth she thinks it’s a bad idea to take Jay to the dinner, as he’s not a good person to be seen with. At this point Ruth is starting to feel really unwell so she tells Jay she’s too ill to attend.

Charlie pays Jordan a visit and is disheartened to discover he’s lost the will to live because he’ll never be able to practise medicine again.

Ruth changes her mind and attends the dinner event without telling Jay. So when he calls to her flat with a birthday cake to cheer her up and realises she’s out, he’s furious. Knowing exactly where Ruth is, Jay then charges round to the surgeon’s dinner and confronts her in front of her superiors.

Sarah has Jay removed and Ruth rushes away in embarrassment only to collapse on the floor haemorrhaging…