Ruth’s confidence is knocked

Ruth begins the morning on a high, jogging into work and arriving exhilarated. But later her confidence is knocked as Toby completes a medical procedure that has eluded her, and another patient dies. Abs and Maggie worry about Ruth as she struggles to deal with her feelings. She seems to be back in the dark place where she was before.

Elsewhere, on the local Farmead Estate, a young boy staggers home with leg injuries and calls an ambulance. When the call comes in, Curtis recognises the address and is troubled. Curtis and the boy seem to know each other, and another side of Curtis threatens to emerge – but he’s adamant he’s a changed man. Later, he lays flowers at a grave.

Later, Alice is with her boyfriend, walking home after their date and planning another. They kiss, but Alice pulls away. As Alice enters her house and sees her mother, it becomes clear why she is so reticent.