The spy drama continues this week seeing Ruth take the centre of attention when she is approached by an official council snooper who claims to have uncovered covert activity.

Keith Deery claims he witnessed a ‘dead drop’ message left on a park bench while following a woman under surveillance for minor offences. Ruth initially dismisses his theory as nonsense, but has a change of heart after discovering he has applied to MI5 four times, ut was rejected due to mental instability following his wife’s death.

While Dimitri is sent to look into the death of a Mafia leader whose body has been uncovered on a boat on the Thames, Ruth heads to Keith’s seemingly empty flat where she is greeted by Gilles Rigaut, an ex-French Foreign Legion and known contract killer.

As Demitri pieces the complicated jigsaw together he realises Ruth’s life is in danger forcing the team to rush to her aid.

Elsewhere Lucas’ past finally comes crashing down on him as he comes face to face with Harry in a confrontation that will change Section D for ever.