Ruth’s new nightmare

Jay faces up to his fears this week as he awaits his ultrasound results. He’s also forced to face up to the fact his nan needs to go into a home when she scares off another carer and turns up at work again.

Elsewhere, while Jordan is interviewing for Ruth’s replacement, the ill medic deludes herself into thinking she’s cured and that she’s going to live with Jay, after he calls her up to see if she fancies meeting up.

Ruth is alarmingly excited at the prospect and escapes from the hospital as soon as the coast is clear. But when Charlie comes looking for her he discovers she hasn’t been taking her anti-depressants. He tracks her down when she maxes out her credit cards and the shops alert the authorities.

Once confronted, Ruth says she doesn’t need her pills any more and she’s about to move in with Jay. But Charlie points out that if she were fine, she wouldn’t have just bought six fridges on her credit card…

Meanwhile, Miriam thinks she knows a doctor who is perfect to replace Ruth – Dylan Keogh (William Beck, who stars as Roy in Robin Hood).