Ruth’s rumbled

Jordan makes preparations for his departure but Adam is too preoccupied with Jessica’s trip to Saudi to be supportive.

Ruth panics when Sarah Evans arrives in the emergency department to speak to ‘Dr Faldren’. Thinking on her feet she lies and tells Sarah she’s split up with Jay. However, this makes Sarah reconsider Ruth’s emotional stability for the surgical position.

Big Mac’s patrols of the Farmead estate haven’t gone unnoticed. He receives a chilling threat when his after-hour activities are featured in the local paper…

Ruth attempts some damage control with Sarah and begs Jay to help her. Tess witnesses their argument and hints to Jay about Ruth’s troubled background.

Adam tells Jordan he can’t accept the Clinical Lead position. This leaves Jordan with one other option – Zoe. She’s still giving him the cold shoulder over his deception but he manages to persuade her to take over.

Jay phones Sarah and gives Ruth a rave review. But the game’s up when Sarah discovers he’s been lying about being a doctor. Ruth’s inconsolable at losing the job and, when she realises Jay knows about her suicide attempt, they’re more estranged than ever.

Big Mac is confronted by the Malone family. But the hospital porter has also made some friends and the guys from the local five-a-side football team come to his rescue. Yet, this isn’t the last he’s heard from the Malones.

Jordan’s doctor reveals his tumour has is now grade four and he may only have months to live…